Registration fees

Participants with paper – 250€ for the entire week (includes lectures, master classes, doctoral sessions, lunches and closing dinner)

Participants without paper – €50 per session/day | 150€ for the entire week (does not include doctoral sessions, nor lunches)

Fee exemptions

For The Lisbon Consortium students, the students from Universities affiliated with the European Summer School in Cultural Studies, the Phd-Net in Literary and Cultural Studies and members of the Excellence Network in Cultural Studies there is no registration fee


Participants with paper – March 31st

Participants without paper – June 12 (extended deadline!)


Payment information

By bank transfer:

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

NIB 003300000017013412105

IBAN PT50 0033 0000 0017 0134 1210 5


Bank: Millennium BCP

Address: Rua Coronel Bento Roma, Lt 942, 1749-088 Lisboa


Please mention ‘Lisbon Consortium – Summer School’ in the transfer description and send us a copy of the bank transfer document to the e-mail


To register for the Summer School, participants without paper should fill out the following form:


For more information about registrations please sends us an e-mail to


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